Fine Indian Cuisine


Tandoori Dishes


Kursey Lamb - Serves 4 People, Whole leg of tender lamb roasted in an Indian style with herbs and spices. Marinated in a special sauce, garnished with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. Served with specially cooked Basmati Pilau Rice. *24 Hours Notice Required*


£13.50 King Prawn Sizzler

Delicately spiced king prawns, flavoured with chopped tomatoes and fresh herbs. Served sizzling.

£13.95 Combination Khana

1. Chicken Jhalfrezi, Lamb Tikka, Brinjal Bhaji and Pilau Rice.

£10.95 Chilchilla

Chicken or lamb cooked in a spicy thick sauce, garnished with fresh herbs, green chilli and fried garlic. Prepared with baby potatoes.

£12.95 King Prawn Chilchilla

King prawns, cooked in a spicy thick sauce garnished with fresh herbs, green chilli and fried garlic. Prepared with baby potatoes.

£10.95 Mirch Massala

Tender chicken cooked in a hot spicy sauce. Blended with whole chilli, ginger, garlic & fresh herbs.

£13.95 Lankhani

King prawns cooked in a hot and sour sauce, prepared with green chillies and fresh coriander.

£10.95 Nagaria

Chicken or lamb prepared in spicy sauce, enriched with fresh herbs and ghost chilli.

£13.95 Duckling Zoyton

Duckling pieces, green pepper, tomato & onions grilled. Covered in a medium sauce with olives. Served sizzling.

£10.95 Murgh Massala

Tandoori Chicken cooked with spices in a thick sauce with mince meat.

£10.95 Roshni

Chicken or lamb prepared with fresh herbs, fried garlic, then cooked with a thick spicy sauce.

£10.25 Achari

Choice of chicken or lamb marinated in spices cooked with a spicy mango sauce.

£10.25 Goan Green Chilli

Chicken cooked in a thick sauce with tamarind and a touch of vinegar. Blended with green pepper, green chilli, garlic and fresh herbs.

£12.95 Tawa Chingri

Tiger prawns served in a rich tikka sauce. Flavoured with red and green peppers, onions, fresh ginger & garlic.

£10.25 Rangani

Choice of chicken or lamb prepared in a spicy sauce enriched with natural honey and fresh ginger.

£12.50 Tawa Ghost

Lamb cooked to a spicy and sharp taste with mustard seeds and soya sauce. Served in a hot iron tawa.

£10.95 Lamb Kazaana

Finely sliced lamb cooked with orange zest in a medium sauce.

Traditional Favourites

£10.95 Passanda

Choice of chicken or lamb, marinated in spices and herbs then slowly simmered in a rich creamy sauce and ground nuts.

£10.95 Karahi

Diced tender chicken or lamb cooked in an iron wok. Prepared with chopped tomatoes, onion and capsicum. Served sizzling.

£10.95 Butter Chicken

Barbecued buttered spring chicken, prepared in a mild creamy tandoori sauce.

£10.95 Jhalfrezi

Choice of Chicken or Lamb, flavoured with green chillies, onions chopped tomatoes, capsicum and fresh herbs.

£12.95 King Prawn Jhalfrezi

Flavoured with green chillies, onion chopped tomatoes, capsicum and fresh herbs.

Connoisseur's Choice

£11.50 Chicken Chettinad

Succulent spicy chicken dish from Southern India. A region famous for first exporting Black Peppercorn to the rest of the world. The most popular dish in Chettinad homes of Madras.

£10.95 Chicken Bemisal

This dish is from princely cuisine of the Nawabs of Avadh, the most passionate patrons of gastronomy. Chicken Tikka, simmered in a smooth onion and garlic tomato puree, flavoured with cinnamon and clove.

£11.50 Dhaba Murgh

An exquisite dish from Punjab. Chicken Tikka cooked with ginger, onion, coriander, fresh herbs and native spices. A well balanced dish, rich in taste and tradition.

£11.60 Nentara

Bite size pieces of Chicken Tikka prepared in a subtle sauce of tomatoes, fresh coriander leaves and fenugreek. Then garnished with spring onion and a sprinkling of fresh ginger.

£11.95 Kalimirch aur Methiwalla Murgh

Succulent Chicken Tikka grilled in a clay oven, then braised in a fairly hot spicy massala sauce and peppery fenugreek.

£11.95 South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken

Barbecued pieces of chicken cooked in a fairly hot sauce with fresh garlic and green chillies. Garnished with a whole crisp red chilli and fresh coriander.

£10.95 Jaipuri

A special recipe from Jaipur. A semi dry dish prepared from pieces of lamb/chicken with medium spices, ground onions, green peppers, mushrooms and fresh herbs.

£11.50 Koh e Avada

A traditional rich Mughali cuisine. Cubed lamb prepared in a rich medium spiced sauce, consisting of ginger, garlic, and onions. Garnished with fresh herbs

£11.95 Dum Gost

A spicy lamb dish cooked in a handi, over a slow fire. Prepared with yoghurt, rich spices, chillies and fresh herbs.

£13.95 Tikhey Jingey

A succulent grilled King Prawn dish. Marinated and prepared in a rich spiced sauce, garnished with fresh herbs.

Balti Dishes

These dishes are cooked in a special paste with fresh spices and herbs.

Hot Dishes

These dishes are prepared with blended hot spices and a rich sauce.

Mild Dishes

Side Dishes

These dishes are not served as main courses

Persian Dishes

Dansak and Pathia dishes are sweet, sour and fairly hot.

Special Biryani

Choice of Chicken, Lamb or Prawns. Fried with special Pilau Rice, seasoned with spices. Topped with sliced eggs and served with a mixed vegetable curry.


These dishes are not served with the main courses.

Asian Breads


Medium Dry Dishes

These dishes are prepared in a rich sauce with sliced onions, tomatoes, and seasoned with medium hot spices.